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Transparent Audio, Inc. is a leading design, development, manufacturing, and distribution company for high-performance audio, video, and digital cables and power conditioning products.  Established in 1980 and based in Saco, Maine, USA, Transparent Audio has consistently advanced the state-of-the-art in system connecting solutions for luxury high-end audio and video components.

The Importance of Networked Cables

  • All cables function as an antenna for high-frequency noise.  This radio frequency noise is generated by wireless networks, cell phone towers, AM/FM radio etc. and has the effect of shifting the tonality of music upwards leaving your system sounding thin, bright and fatiguing.
  • Transparent’s innovative network technology ensures that only musical frequencies are transmitted throughout your system (high-frequency noise is filtered out), allowing music to sound the way it does in real life: tonally rich, dynamically alive and spacious.
  • All cables act like filters- they filter out bass and mid-bass because they are capacitive.  This phenomenon, in conjunction with the antenna effect, adds to the “hi-fi” sound that plagues many audio systems- leaving music stripped bare of its rich tone and natural bass.  
  • Transparent’s proprietary network corrects for this capacitive problem by adding a measured amount of inductance to every cable to ensure the ‘meat’ of the music is left on the ‘bone.’
  • Cables sound different at different lengths because they have varying electrical properties- longer cables are more inductive than shorter cables for example.
  • Transparent’s network technology compensates for this problem by building in length-specific networks into every analog cable enabling both long and short runs of cable to perform as if they were the ideal length, regardless of their actual length.
  • Sources, preamplifiers, and amplifiers all have ideal electrical loads they want to ‘see’ when they ‘look’ out to the component they are connected to.  You can determine this ideal load by the particular output impedance a component has.
  • At the REFERENCE level and above, Transparent goes through the additional step of custom calibrating each cable network to create the perfect handshake between the components being linked, allowing you to hear your system at its best.

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