display models


display model

$30,000 msrp


TAD ME1 Bookshelf speakers

Display models. Gloss black. Pristine condition. Includes original boxes, packing and stands.
$15,000 msrp


Special offer

Wisdom Audio L75 & SC1

Display models. Less than 35 hours use. (1pr) L75’s. (1ea) SC1 7.2 channel system controller / crossover. All boxes & packing. Wisdom Audio warranty. $26,000 msrp combined.


Dynaudio Confidence C2

Display models. Rosewood finish. Includes crates, packing, warranty.
$16,000 msrp


Dynaudio Confidence C1

Display models. Rosewood finish. Includes stands, boxes, packing, warranty.
$9,250 msrp


Organic Audio 1M AES/EBU

Digital audio cable. Warranty.
$1,200 msrp


F1 Audio Walnut Stand

Display model. Walnut shelves with clear aluminum posts. Fully adjustable.
$2,295 msrp


Nordost Silver Shadow

1M digital audio cable. Brand new. Warranty.
$500 msrp


Aerial Acoustics Tweeters

Matched pair of Aerial Acoustics tweeters. New.
$600 msrp



Isotek Aquarius

Pre-owned. Like new. Includes box, packing, manual, power cord.
$2,000 msrp


Isotek Syncro

Pre-owned. 2M. Sine wave rebalancing. Brand new condition. Includes original box, packing.
$2,195 msrp


KEF Reference Model Four

Pre-owned. A few minor chips. No grills or boxes.
$7,000 msrp


Earthquake 15" Subwoofers (2)

Pre-owned. SuperNova MKIV 15″. Minor cosmetic scratches. One sub has a slight rattle.
$3,600 msrp combined.

$600 both subs

Bell'Oggetti Audio Stand

Pre-owned. 5 fixed glass shelves.
$1,200 msrp


KEF Model 200c Center Channel

Pre-owned. No box.
$1,000 msrp


ASC Tube Trap (2)

Pre-owned. No boxes.
$1,800 msrp combined.

$350 for both


Pre-owned. Manual, remote, power cord, no box. Full of great music.
$2,000 msrp


Icon Audio HP8mkII

Headphone amplifier. Pre-owned. Less than 2 months old. Includes box, packing, manual , power cord, and 2 extra sets of different tubes.
$1,250 msrp


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